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Textbook Target Fixation


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There's a REASON for non-passing lines and the rules wink.gif


I feel real bad for the rider who was on the correct side of the road...... frown.gif

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Reckless dumbass, I'll bet he doesn't ride again and that's a good thing. If he passed me like that and the accident didn't happen I would turn around find him and he'd wish the accident did happen. I hate that, puts us all in the same boat in the motoring public's view.





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it appears this idiot lost focus after the close call with the bike right befor the hit.


But then again, you could say this guy never had focus to begin with eek.gif

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That rider was SO FAR outside his abilities.


Saw a rider down yesterday. He ran into a hillside. It was obvious that he didn't know how to steer his bike. People should be forced to get licenses before riding moter...er..er... never mind.


And a reminder that it's not just the cagers we need to look out for.



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