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PTT Switch Pics?


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Under the left grip. Seems to work fine and wire is easily hidden within the rest of the left handlebar wires.

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Thanks for the input. When I was looking for a good location this was what I came up with as well. I just wasnt sure how well that would hold up ... but it seemed to be the most usable location.

thanks again...time to work on it!

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My install on my GS looks like this:



I rolled the grip back a little and put a little rubber matting to protect the heated grip material and to keep the switch from rotating:



Put a slit in the grip and worked the PTT switch through the hole and zip tied it:


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Not positive about this, but I believe there is a switch mounting bracket, and possibly switch, that is used/available on the RT-P bikes. My RT-P does not have one. I saw one mounted (under left grip) on a GS at Torrey, but am uncertain of the bracket/switch origin.

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