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Just when I had decided not to....

Shawnee Bill

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Shawnee Bill

Not long ago my R1100R rolled 100,000 miles, I had been saying for months that when that happened I was getting a wee-strom. But I really like that 'R bike so I quit looking for a red wee-strom. Last week I installed a new rear shock and a set of tires on the BMW, it was riding like a brand new bike.

I went by the local BMW shop and there it sat. They said they had another looker so I left it there, went home, but then next morning I just had to call, the other guy backed out so what choice did I have? Only 2200 miles and a decent price.




My son has always wanted the BMW so it is now his, he is paying for it, but he's getting a heck of a deal. I get visitation rides I think, it is only a few miles from home.


Ordered a Pat Walsh skid plate and oil cooler guard so soon as I got home. Now to get it wired for heated grips and jacket liner and power for GPS.

Those are Suzuki cases, I don't like them so they are for sale.


Now, excuse me, I have to get those stickers off eek.gif

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That's a good looking scooter Bill. I'll look forward to new tales to come on the Wee-Strom....and the stickers don't look bad to me.

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Hi Bill.


You will love that bike.

Mine is just passing 10,000 miles.

Love it.

Pm me if you have any questions.

I did the heated grips and bmw plug for my Gerbings.

piece o cake.


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