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Ceramic bead tire/wheel balancer


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Anybody tried this? Another forum has commentary on installing high density and very smooth ceramic beads inside the tires. They are self-balancing, and migrate to wherever needed to balance the tire, or at least that's the theory.


This has gotten favorable response, so anybody here who's tried it please tell us your experience.

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I use this product in my big truck tires, and based on that experience, I wouldn't use them in a motorcycle tire. It balances the tire pretty good, from my experience, but not as good as weights. I don't think you will obtain as precise a balance as what you can get with a static balancer like a Marc Parnes balancer or similar device. I even used to balance my motorcycle tires by placing the axle or a shaft through the wheel, and setting the axle on to two pieces of angle iron, and letting the wheel and axle roll along the angle iron until the heavy point of the wheel was down. I think the stick on weights is the better method.

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skinny_tom (aka boney)

Motorcycle Consumer News tried them about a year ago. They said they couldn't tell the difference when they ran them in an unbalanced tire.


It only takes a few minutes to static balance my tires, and the thought of sweeping all those things up off the garage floor when I pop the beads is enough to steer me away.

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Dyna Beads - www.innovativebalancing.com


I've read their explanation of how they work three times and I still can't get my head around it... Are they for real or not???


That's exactly why I posted this subject.


Seems to me, the beads would just pool in the nearest low point on the inside tire surface, regardless of overall wheel balance. But, I'm sure curious. Folks on other forums report good experience with them, however.

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