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Hi all,


Got a sudden interest in buying an older K bike. I have and r1150 rt already. The K1 catches my fancy. Its was a interesting machine in its day and the colour scheme makes it "just that little bit different". They are rare in Australia and that makes them more interesting as I might buy one to ride and one to stuff in garage for later while I still can get them


Anybody got any opinions on them or own one. Would love to hear.





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W. Mazelin

I think if I could find an nice US spec. example, I'd try to find a way to bring it home too! They are quite rare & extraordinary; good hunting. Try www.k11og.org for more info.

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The K1 is like a K100RS in a tuxedo. I have a K100RS and always wanted a K1.


They are very rare around here ... even the K100RS is scant.

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Dennis Andress
The K1 is like a K100RS in a tuxedo. I have a K100RS and always wanted a K1.


Not quite true. The K1 was made between 1990 and 1992, the K100 RS was missing in 1990. The K1 sported a four valve head and a much improved injection/ignition system. When the K100 RS returned in 1991 it had the same running gear as the K1, though I'd suspect the final drive gear ratios would be different.


I've had two '91 K100 RSs and would prefer another one of them over a K1. The second one came equiped with a Remus exhaust and a chip from FIM. It once pulled to over 145 and still had more to give.

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