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Differences in model years


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Need help from the K-bike gurus here. Yes, I am still shopping...


Were there any significant model year changes from the 1998 model K12RS to the 1999? Aside from colors offered?


If not 98 to 99, when did the first changes occur?


Any good model year references on the web?

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K-bikes.Flat 4's, Old technology, boat anchors! good prices on stuff no one wants. Either time or milage is getting to all the parts. Let's talk about corrosion in the the old R bikes folks lke to dabble with.

So much mo-betta newer bikes for sale to enjoy. wave.gif

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Hey- thanks for the encouraging word there. Really makes me feel good.


Sometime in '99 they went to comfort bars on the K1200RS'. Can Comfort Bars be retro fitted to the earlier model years?



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Well....not every one is a K-Bike Fan... but... I am. smile.gif

I have a 2002... and I love it.


Start by visiting www.k-bikes.com Sooo much information there, and some nice folks too. Not the same 'Community' as we have here, but good place.


Also... even Jerry Finley at Pirates Lair www.piratesk12site.net has a great 'how to section' for K-Bikes. How does that help? Well, as you read the how to's, you'll catch glimpses of changes in the model years.


Hope that helps a little wave.gif

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Major changes w/2002 incorporating turn signals in fairing, ergo adjustments for footpegs and bars.

Mostly cosmetic (I think) before then.

Are you looking at 98/99 because of a particular color scheme, budget?

If you let folks know your price range, something may come out of a closet/garage. You never know. grin.gif

Good luck.

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K-bikes.Flat 4's, Old technology, boat anchors! good prices on stuff no one wants. Either time or milage is getting to all the parts.

Seems to me a lot of people buying 10 year old or less K-bikes, for something that "no one wants".


Mine is 21 years old and at nearly 200,000 km, it still runs like new. If this is what "old technology" is, then we need more of it. The original brick layout was a good idea then, and the most recent versions (later '90s onward) are still pretty damned impressive.

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Thanks for the tips.


I have located what I think is a verry nice '98, and have made an offer and had an acceptance. Will pick it up next week then as is the custom will make an announcement with the pictures.


Meanwhile I learned a thing or two from the Pirate that caused me to ask the question. I had asked him about the bar position and he said it was more aggressive on the 98's than others- which caused my inquiry to this board.


I also read the forum over at K-Bikes. Yes they are fun over there, but I actually started over here and think you guys know your stuff. Obviously a lot of overlap of members too.


But I digress. The question remains about installing the later style bars on the older age bikes. Sill waiting for any answer on that one.


What I want is more up, and more back. Apparently one way to do this is to install GT bars on the RS, then use the Suburban II set-up.


But first I will use the stock set-up and see if my old body will adapt.(Of course Master Yoda will be viacriously coaching as well)


Still would like to know what it would take to make the conversion to "comfort" bars... which apparently became available in the 99's.


Thanks to the nice guys...


and OBTW, I could go buy a perfect bike anytime. What I plan to do is buy a good solid starting point bike- like a blank canvas- and build the perfect bike-for me. It IS my number two in the garage too, so some discretion is required on the monetary front.

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I am pretty sure that the bars and setbacks can be changed between the two different types. That is usually BMW's way of things. You might have to get a longer brake and clutch line. There are also bar back extenders that can be used. The pegs are also changeable to later ones if they prove too short for you.

I rode a '98 once and it reminded me of the seating position of the old K1. Definitely on the sporty side and not all that comfortable for me.



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