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I'm thinking the Dowco large will cover Nubb 98 R1100RT stock windscreen. 42ltr. Givi trunk which I don't really use anyway. The wife has no sense of adventure and the boys either. So I'll ride solo!!!


What cover do you use?





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We just got a XL Dowco. It just fits with the 49l top case, comes about 2/3 of the way down the wheels. With the top case off it fits to the ground.

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The Dowco XL covers my RT with extra-tall windshield and extra-large case lids right down to the axles. Nice cover.


However, I find the Dowco is just too bulky to take along when I'm touring, especially when wet, so just ordered a Geza cover for travelling and commuting.


I really just want something to keep the sun or bird droppings off of the vinyl and plastic bits when I park it. The Geza is really compact and should do fine.

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I've been using on of these Kwikovers from the makers of the Laminar Lip. Its stays with the bike and is out of the way.




All I was looking for was something to cover the top of the bike keeping everything out of the sun. At rallys and on camping trips it keeps things out of sight and out of mind for those roaming around at night. Works out for me as all I really do was cover the seat, tankbag, gages, and handlebar controls and switches.


Big plus is I don't have to carry that big cover around with me. Click on attachment above and you can see how it fits on my GSA.


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