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Oil analysis


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For those anal SOB's, like my goodself, here's an updated wear additive analysis (Zn, P and Boron) broken down by oil mfr/type and also date courtesy of an engineering company specializing in Porsche! Oil analysis info

I found it quite enlightening cool.gif

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WOW, Now that was a lot of information about oils, oils and more oils!!


Worth the read for sure, thanks!



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I was particularly interested in the below paragraph, in light of comments sometimes made on this site, & others, to the effect that "You can't change your oil too often, so I change my fully synthetic every 3,000 miles"


"Failure to use the right oil, use proper filtration, or observe proper changing intervals can affect the performance of even the best motor oil. This also includes changing the oil too often or not often enough. Against conventional wisdom, engine wear decreases as oil ages to a certain extent, which means that changing your oil more frequently actually causes engine wear; these findings were substantiated by studies conducted by the auto manufacturers and petroleum companies."


Whether that is true or not, I am not qualified to say, but I found it interesting.

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I visited a chat site for owners of the Corvette Z06, which is the top version of the vette. You haven't seen anal till you've seen some of the posts those owners make. There was an oil thread where a guy had changed his Mobil 1 oil three times already and he was still way short of 600 miles on the odometer. Some of those owners drove their cars and even raced them, but a lot of them like that guy were in a different world.


Anyway, that webpage about oil for Porsches was interesting, if a bit long. To put it in a capsule: for wear protection 1200 ppm of P and Zn are good and some oils still have it although it's rarer due to P and Zn damaging catalytic converters, if you use Rotella avoid the newer CJ-4 formulation, and oil-cooled engines need higher viscosity.

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