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K75 cuts out on occasion


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k75 cuts out on occasion sometimes at 3/4 throttle going about 65 other times when I give it throttle / hard. just starts to sputter like its not getting gas then a second later its running fine again not missing a beat. any ideas thanks

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On my K75s, when I get down to the last gallon of fuel or so, I notice the fuel sloshes around in the tank quite a bit. If I accelerate hard the fuel goes to the back of the tank and the fuel pick up will be dry for just a second and it sputters but then picks up again after the fuel levels out again.


Might be the same with yours, check your fuel level next time it happens.



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k75 cuts out on occasion sometimes ...snip... any ideas thanks


There's lots of things that could cause what you describe. One of the easiest to check & to fix is the four pin plug that connects the fuel pump and fuel gauge leads to the bike's main harness. It's the one that lives near the rear brake fluid resovour(sp?). It has to be disconnected everytime the tank is removed but was never designed for that type of frequent use. The female pins wear loose with age and can cause intermittent contact. If the problem is with the pins that provide power and ground to the fuel pump, the bike will behave exactly like you describe. The solution is to tighen the pins or replace the plug entirely.

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