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How do we use RAM ball mounting system on R1200RT?


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I have The RAM Ball mount system for my Valentine V1 (with Legal speeding weather proof case) and GPS.


Is there a purpose built or universal RAM ball mount that works with the R1200RT?


Also what is the best way to pick up power for these two items ......My Garmin EMAP GPS uses a power transormer built into an automotive style (cigarette lighter) power plug (unit runs on something like 7.5 volts)


Brian in Austin

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I have a RAM ball mount that's built into a replacement version of the clutch reservoir cover. It came with a unit that I purchased, so I don't know where it was originally purchased. However, it's very stable, and easily accessible.

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Here is a quick answer. I used www.cyclegadgets.com to get you a quick answer.

(You are really only limited by your imgination and skills in fabricating or jury rigging thumbsup.gif)


RAM mount options

1) Migsel RAM-compatible base for R1200RT (requires RAM-SMALL). Positions ball above the instruments. Can support up to (3) RAM-SMALL balls.



2) RCB-CHB-HDW+MIR BMW Cast Handlebar Bolt mount + R-A-M Ball [ $25.50]


power options that don't require wiring



Wired soultion (you might want to add a relay to make switch off with the key)


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Ram-Mount makes a Brake/Clutch reservoir adaptor. From the pictures, it looks like they may have redesigned it since I got mine. Actually, the picture looks PhotoShop'd to me.


They make one with the ball centered over the reservoir cover and one where the ball is offset toward the center of the handlebars.


>>> Reservoir Cover Adaptors <<<



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