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Another noob race question - Extreme Formula


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Be gentle - I'm still trying to get a handle on the different racing classes.... How does Extreme Formula differ from WSB? How close to stock are the Extreme bikes?

I was hoping the Speed Channel announcers would provide a little background before each race. (I did notice that Extreme has both a 600 and 1k series.)

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Properly called, Formula Xtreme, the class is very much like AMA Superbike in the tuning levels, the level of modificationsl allowed. While the class (FX) allows different displacements for bikes with differing number of cylinders, the class is essentially based around 600cc four-cylinder bikes from Japan, rather than Superbike's (SBK) 1000cc four-cylinder bikes from Japan.


Lesser tuning levels apply to ~600cc Supersport, and ~1000cc Superstock.


The AMA rules for these Pro Racing series are available at http://www.amaproracing.com/prorace/pdf/RR%2006%20Rulebook.pdf . Page 21 begins the rules for Formula Xtreme. They are easy to read and fairly understandable to those with a smattering of motorcycle technical knowledge. From the nature of and manner you've stated your question, I believe the modifications allowed will be clear to you.



Best wishes.

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