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Riding the Uintas - Day Four

Bob Palin

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Day 4 - the ride on the way home


This is the blue ride on the map


I wasn't quite satisfied with my riding because there was still some of the Outlaw Trail to investigate, it was an "easy" part mostly and looked like it really just followed the paved road to make a complete loop, still it needed to be done...


I got an early start - no, really! - and was packed and at the trailhead by 11am. I was right about the first section of the trail, it started out very civilised



and just followed some power lines parallel to the road, I soon became tired of that and found a trail that led off into the trees - the deep trees



but a pleasant ride



happily riding along I thought I was way out in the country until I found this



there was nobody there and throughout the whole area there were numerous trailers that looked as if they had been left in the trees for the whole summer, I assume people take them out in the winter, they would be completely buried in snow if not but maybe that wouldn't be a problem.


The woods were full of flowers



Eventually I dropped back down to the power line trail and crossed the paved road (US 191), even it looked interesting in places



My aim had been to find one of the main trails I started out on on Friday and eventually I did, but it was down a rather steep slope



the little man in my head was a bit grumpy but I went down it anyway, there was plenty of room to crash at the bottom if I needed to, I didn't



crossing 191 again I found the section marked as more difficult, it was a deep steep sided valley, this is the approach



the downhill section wasn't too bad but the uphill was steeper, and had a bend in it, and lots of rocks, unfortunately the camera played it's game of "don't want to" at this point so I missed a shot looking up at the slope but I am certain that this was not a good place to stop



this time I hit a rock with the back wheel and got thrown into the centre of the track which was just loose rocks, I spent quite a while trying to ride or push the bike out of this but just kept digging a hole, then I backed it out down the hill a bit and made 2-3 attempts to get started again, it was just too steep and loose. In the end I backed it 2/3 of the way down the hill before I could find a place to turn it round and ride the rest of the way. By the time I got to the bottom I had emptied my CamelBak and I saw no reason why I would do any better attempting the hill again so I shamefully rode out up the hill I came down, no problem.


this is the valley the dirt track crossed, you can just see the level top of the track on the far hill



I rode along the pavement a ways and then back on the trail to the top of the rocky hill, it didn't look any better from that direction. I tried to decide if I would have ridden down it without knowing what was on the other side but the decision proved impossible to simulate as I already knew I could ride up the other side. From there I followed the power line road back toward the truck but it was too dull so I had to take a side track up into the hills hoping to find another one down again

I saw several of these over the weekend, I assume they were built by shepherds



The side track gradually became narrower, then started up a stream



I was having a lot of fun but was getting further and further from the truck and the lay of the land suggested there would not be a trail back so eventually I turned back and retraced


Truck, Sweet Truck



From here it was just a 250 mile drive home to Torrey.


They keep US191 open all winter, I am going to head over that way once the snow has built up next winter, it must be really gorgeous.

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