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Muffler option for R1150R....None!


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I picked up a resonator from Summit Racing Supply, Hedman Headers "Hot Tip" # 17120. I've put a bunch of pictures in my photo album on my web page along with a little bit of verbiage.




It came out real nice...........And it sounds GREAT......No post firing (back firing) on deceleration......Nice low mellow tone.......


Let me know what you think....









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Yup, All of this "no Muffler" thing is news to me. Seems like lots of folks are running "sans muffler" over on the R1150R forum. The amazing thing is it isn't that much louder. More throaty, a bit lower in register, nicer sounding, but not much louder. And It looks the balls!


On my 2000 R1100RS, I went through all kinds of effort to get that bike to not surge, and one option was removal of the CAT and run a rich CAT CODE PLUG. We ordered Two Brothers systems with the cat eliminator pipe but this system was way too loud and the bike sounded like a Continental airplane engine....So we modified Honda VFR stock mufflers, which sounded better than stock, but about the same sound level. We ended up converting dozens of bikes around that time to this set up. Stock VFR mufflers were very easy to come by and it fit well (pictures and description in my photo album www.rvbprecision.com ) I still have a couple of VFR mufflers if anyone wants them. Just price of shipping.

So, we'll see how well this works out.........

If you want to read more folks experience with it, try here



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I've heard it called "running baja" when you just take the muffler off and leave it off. I like the look of your bike.

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