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BMW 75w140 gear oil on Ebay!


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Just a head's up..

Looks like som m/c shop is disposing of BMW 75w140 gear oil at $4.99 qt.

If you buy two (which I did) the shipping works out to be $8.00 so for 17.98 you get 2qts of BMW gear oil!

They have 7 left and you can Buy it Now at $4.99 qt!

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Well it looks like you guys snagged all that was there. ARGH! I am about to hit the 24K mile mark on Ruby and the tranny fluid would have come in handy. Timing IS everything. Ebay also has some BMW oil filters that appear to fit the K bike and 04 and earlier R bikes. In addition, there are a few of the new style oil filter wrenches for the 1200 hexhead bike.

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