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Olympia Airglide 2 vs. Bushwacker


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I'm looking for a jacket that is cool in the hot humid summer we have here, yet when it cools down in the fall, I can wear it down to 50 degrees.


I have an AST...uhm...not crazy about it. Its bulky on me,I have it adjusted all the way in...I think its too big on me. Probably should've gone with the next size down. Anyway its too hot for summer..IMO. It vents good..but it jsut too bulky on me. Its 3 months new....will sell it for $190 shipped if anyone interested...its black/gray size XL . Will prolly list when I get around to it..but I'm in no hurry, It's all I got right now.


But this isnt about the AST..just thought I'd toss that in there to let you know. I have one..and know all about them.


I want either:


An Airglide 2 : I tried these on...I really like them. Good looking jacket, fits really well, more athletic cut. Comforteable...I guess the venting is good..don't know. How is it in lower temps...like 50+


Bushwacker : seems popular..but I have yet to even see one, let alone try one on. Okay...I surmise that this is a 3/4 length, more mesh possibly? Where the Airglide 2 is at the waist. I've read that it vents well..so how about cooler temps? Is this a good 3 season jacket?


I was going to order the bushwacker on-line....but I'm hesitant to pull the trigger. I'm ready to just go down to LBS and buy the Airglide 2 since I've tried it on and I am familiar with it.... I like it.


VELCRO. Guess I'm concerned if the Bushwacker is overloaded with velcro....I dont want another AST.



If anyone has any comparisons between the two...please .....share


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How is it in lower temps...like 50+


At about 55+ degrees the Airglide is very comfortable with the liner in. Add thermals and I'm sure it'll be fine down to ... 40?

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Airglide and Bushwhacker are both great 3-season jackets. We sell both. It's up to you if you want the extra pockets that the Bushwhacker's 3/4 length provides. Apart from that, as has already been stated above, the jackets are good down into the 40's with just some minimal layering (fleece) under the jacket and liner.


In the summer, they both flow air very well, but they are not the most ventilated jackets on the market. The Joe Rocket Phoenix and the First Gear Mesh-Tech both flow a bit more air. But I wouldn't want to fall off a skateboard with either one.


Go with one of the Olympia Jackets. The owners of the company are in NC and they do a very good job designing comfortable apparel with good protection.

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I just purchased a new Airglide 2 jacket and own an AST jacket and after a long ride today I can unequivocally tell you that whether you're wearing an Airglide 2, Bushwhacker or riding naked, if it's 100 degrees and you own a 1200 RT and sit behind an Aeroflow windshield, you're going to feel like a pig at an Hawaiian luau.


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I ride a GS. thumbsup.gif


I'm leaning toward the Airglide 2. Its a nice looking jacket..and I can get it at my LBS. They dont have the Bushwacker..ah well. Would've been nice to try the two on and compare side by side.

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