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'Staging' Tires for Cody / Spokane

Ken H.

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In that we'll becoming out of KC, then Denver, then Cody, then Spokane, then BC, the Alberta, then... I can see our MEZ6s needing a swap out along the way. Given the MOA National I'm guessing there will be LOTS of bikes in the NW during those two weeks. What suggestions does anyone have for insuring tire availability at dealer somewhere for a quick change?

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Ken, maybe your opportunity will be at the MOA Rally in Spokane. I would see who the vendors are that will be there handling tires. I know that at past rallies, there have always been one or two that can perform this service. If you don't want to pay their prices, then maybe ship your new tires to the hotel you're staying at, then pay them to install them for you.


Good luck!



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your opportunity will be at the MOA Rally in Spokane.
Yeah, I thought about that, I have visions though of them being swamped, with big lines and long delays. Maybe not.


Hopefully someone familiar with dealers in that neck of the woods will chime in here about any experience/knowledge with make prior arrangements for a planned, quick tyre swap.


Looking forward to seeing friends made last year in Eureka Springs and making new ones in Cody!

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I had Big Sky in Missoula put on a set of tires before the IBR last year. I called ahead made an appointment for first thing in the morning, ordered & paid for the tires. Got there just after they opened, and they had the tires and oil change done in about an hour.


I would say that if you want to be sure there are tires somewhere along the way, you'd be best off buying them ahead of time. At the MOA National in Midland MI a friend had a punctured tire and on the second day of the rally the vendors were all out of 18" RT rear tires. He ended up plugging it with some sticky string plugs and stopping every 50 miles between Midland and Chicago to put air in the tire.

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I just did exsactly that at Big Sky. Pre-payed for them now and they said they will have them set aside for when we get there on the 15th.


Great tip, thanks!

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Buying tires on the road is a pain in the patoot. When I rode to Alaska I prepaid for tires at the Anchorage BMW dealership, and set up a service appointment at the same time. This strategy worked well for me.


Another thing you might consider for this trip is installing a set of longer wearing tires prior to leaving. Jennifer and I just threw a set of ME 880s on the RT yesterday in preparation of our long summer ride.


The ME 880s are quiet, stable tires that seem indestructible. They offer good traction in the wet and on the dry stuff as well. True, they wouldn't be my tire of choice for a track day, but for our 7/10s two up tour they are great!


Just a thought...


Steve in So Cal

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