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last night the ticking stopped

Rob L

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I replaced the left chain tensioner last night. I followed the write up on the ad rider board and it only took an hour to stop the noise thumbsup.gif Of course I also changed oil and fd fluid, set the valves while the plastic was off and synched the throttles tongue.gif Then I really got carried away and washed and waxed the beast dopeslap.gif It's blue again clap.gif I finally quit at 8:30 and of course found a couple of cold ones to complete a wonderful evening cool.gif


No more ticking.....or the embarrassment at stop lights and gas stations blush.gif

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Have to admit...got me.


Reminded me of the ammo guys telling me, "if you hear the "boom", you're good to go in the scheme of things; it's when you only hear the "ka" that you're S$rewed!"



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