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Need to borrow a ramp - Olympia, WA / Portland, OR


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We, my wife and I, are most likely picking up her first "bike" (she did her MSF/got endorsed a month ago - YAY!) Saturday morning and need a ramp so we can load it into the truck.


I'd go out and buy one, but I'm doing promo work from about seven am to seven pm the next two days.


We're in Olympia, WA right now, and are to pick up the bike (ok, it's a Vespa...but at least it's a 200 - and, hey, they're really pretty cool...maybe she'll let me borrow it sometimes) Saturday morning around 9 in Portland. We/I/she could pick up a ramp around Oly tonight or Friday night or in Portland (or anywhere between) Saturday morning. Alternately, if you're in Portland and have a ramp (or a loading dock) we could bring the bike to your place (we won't need it to unload).


I'd certainly be willing to leave a deposit with the owner.


Failing that - anyone know a good ramp shop in Portland that's open on Saturdays (I'd like to buy a nice one anyway - just didn't realize I'd need one quite yet)?


I won't be able to check posts until eight or nine tonight at least, so if you do post or pm, please don't expect me to get back to you right away (if you leave a phone number maybe a "don't call after" time would be good too).




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