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How do mobiles work wth an autocom ?


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I have just bought an R1100RT which has a Autocom active 7 smart system already installed, I would like to connect up my Nokia n73 which I have tomtom sat nav installed on, but how do I make/receive calls, presumably I have the phone on autoanswer, but is there anyway to use voice dialling ? I have a Parrot bluetooth kit in my car which works great, and wondered if it is possibly to recreate something like this. confused.gif

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I have my Motorola RAZR hooked up to my Autocom.


You are correct re: auto answer - music mutes, then somebody's talking inside your helmet. I get no ring.


The adaptor to work with the RAZR has a button on it that acts like the button on a bluetooth headset - I can press it and then voice dial. The problem is that if trying to voice dial and the mic pics up background noise you get wonky voice dialing, and then stopping it from calling "Bike Hut" when you meant to call "Mike Hunt" involves manipulating the phone while riding- unsafe.


Since my RAZR is seldom used (I use my work phone 99% of the time) what I've done is removed all the phone book entries except emergency stuff and tried to make them different - I have WIFE CELL, HOME, NINE ONE ONE in there - when I had a couple hundred numbers in there it would call the wrong one- now it's more reliable and doesn't have other people to call by mistake.


The fidelity overall is totally usable. Not that I'd recommend anybody be on the phone on a bike - strictly emergency use (about 2 people even know this cell #). The other night I took a long detour so I wasn't going to be home on time, it was dark so I pulled off the road for half a second and told the missus I was running late and not to worry - that was really nice. No taking the helmet off, etc, just stop bike still running and make a 10 second call.

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