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NAV III Cradle & Velcro


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I just relocated my GPS to my left handlebar using a ZTechnik techmount. I've noticed that lately the NAV III unit wiggles a bit in the cradle, which I don't think it should do. Has anyone applied velcro to the back of the cradle to help stabilize it? My concern is that by putting velcro on the back of the unit, it will no longer click into the cradle. Will it? I don't want to try it and then have to remove the velcro, leaving a sticky mess on the back of my GPS.

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Check your mount. There's a little metal tab on the latch portion of the mount that latches into some indentations on the body of the GPS. On some mounts I've seen the metal tab is attached with rivets, and on some its attached with screws. I lost one that was attached with screws. See if yours is still there, and if it's attached with screws make sure they're tight. If they're not tight, I'd reinsert them with some Loctite on 'em.

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