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Aftermarket Exhaust Modification


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I Decided to start with a new post rather than continue what seemed like hijacking another. I recently installed a ZTechnik Z4000 Eurosport slip-on on my 2003 RT, whereupon I noted too much sound and surprisingly decreased idle and low-speed performance, sputtering, with the "dB killer" removed. After some enlightening explanations of energy wave reversion in the other thread, I replaced the "dB killer" insert and found low speed performance improved, but now too quiet for my taste.


Someone in the previous thread had mentioned drilling additional holes in the "dB killer" and replacing the insert. Thus individualizing the sound, as it were. Today, I removed it, found three rows of 3/8 inch holes and added an additional hole to each row.


I replaced the insert and went for a test run. I was pleased with the results noting improved sound, while idle and low-speed performance were maintained. Acceleration and top speed are outstanding and I could really hear the exhaust growl.


I will probably add one more hole to each row and quit. The enemy of good is better dopeslap.gif. I would be interested in other members thoughts.


Ride safe,


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I've used the drill bit method to modify exhaust systems. My Honda CB400F was way too quiet - 4 holes at 12, 3, 6 and 9 vastly improved the sound and made no rejetting or drivability probs. Usually the first stage of a muffler takes care of keeping the necessary back pressure.

Has anyone done a drill mod like this on their stock exhaust? I just bought a '95 R1100GS that is way too quiet.

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