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Mounting Givi topbox on KRS


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Givi does not show a mounting plate on their website for an 02 KRS but I have seen pic's of them here and at other sites of topboxes mounted on the KRS. Can someone tell me how it is accomplished? I have a topbox already and a universal mounting plate I use on my Concours. Do I just need the BMW luggage rack? Thanks.

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RL Accessories lists the F680 to fit the K1200RS for $129. That's the part number listed by GiVi and what's on mine.


RL, especially Richard the elder, are really great people. Call them on the phone at 229-228-0253 for all the help you'd ever want.


Best wishes.

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These are the folks to whom Dick refers.


You can either get an adapter plate, mount that to the stock BMW rear rack, and add GIVI, not my suggestion as it looks bad and has a lower wieght limit, or

add the GIVI mounting system with siderail and their rear luggage rack. That's what I use, and what I recommend.

Looks better, is much stronger and more versatile, and carries more weight.


Tell Richard that Tim in Tallahassee sent you, he'll only mark your prices up 200% if you do. dopeslap.giflmao.gif

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I have a givi box on my rs its mounted on the givi rack thats on bars for the 02 rs if you are going to Wi. bmwmoa givi will be there

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