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R1200RT -- 1st gear no longer displayed by BC.


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As I pulled into parking lot at work, I noticed that the "gear selected" display on the BC was just a black square; even though the bike was clearly in first gear. Even after turning the bike off/on a few times and shifting up and down the gears, 1st gear will not display on the BC.

Other than the lack of a displayed gear, the bike is shifting perfectly fine.


Has anyone experienced this? Is there a quick fix?

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It's an issue that has plagued BMWs since they began putting in-dash gear indicators on over a decade ago. And even though the system design is different on the hex heads, this issue is still popping up now and then.


The problem is most likely a defective gear position sensing potentiometer on the rear of the tranny. Not sure how you define, "quick fix", but the fix is usually to replace the sensor.


Still, R1200RT = In warranty = Let the dealer fix it. Yes?

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