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Columbia River Gorge


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A forum poster requested information about traveling the Columbia River Gorge. I responded by giving my opinion about the 3 ways you can travel this scenic area: Interstate 84, Hwy 30 & Hwy 14. I've ridden all three many times and conclude each has its strengths and weaknesses. After including a few photos of prior trips I decided to get off my duff and ride it one more time yesterday. I took Hwy 14 in Washington just North of Portland. I rode this scenic predacessor to Interstate 84 all the way to The Dalles, about 110 miles. Although there are long stretches when the river isn't visible the area around Hood River & beyond is great for photos. That area on Hwy 14 also has the best twisties of the ride. I crossed back into Oregon once I reached The Dalles and jumped onto Interstate 84. This superslab was designed with gorge viewing in mind. There's a rest area past Hood River where you can walk under the interstate and hike to the famous Multnomah Falls. The road where the falls is located is also availeable as a scenic byway exit from I84. There are 3-4 waterfalls along this route.


All in all it was a great day and a ride of about 250 miles. I hope potential visitors to this area try all 3 ways to see one of our area's most scenic rides.






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Awesome pictures, as always Bob. If we make it to Astoria in September, we might as well ride the gorge again too!

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