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LeVince Exhaust Anyone?


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I found one post by someone that is using the LeVince slip-on. I've also read all the Remus related posts, including the very long "Remus Experiement" thread.


I have a new 2007 R12RT and know I want a "deeper" tone to the exhaust. Having come from the Harley world and more recently a Suzuki Hayabusa and Yamaha FJR1300, both with Muzzy's the stock BMW exhaust isn't doing it for me. I'm not looking for obnoxiously loud ...just a deeper, sportier tone. As much as I would like to have a full system, at this point I'm most likely going to do just a slip-on ...mostly for sound over anything else. I was interested in the LeVince as it's reasonably priced whereas the other options are absurdly expensive...about 2x the $$$ for basically same thing you can buy for non-BMW bikes.


I am curious how it sounds compared to the Remus w/core as I've heard all the Remus sound clips posted in the other thread.


Any thoughts/advice?

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Did you mean Leo Vince? They tend to be pretty snarly. At least on the other bikes I have run into fitted with them. You might wish to explore some other options as well. Honda 99-01 VFR pipe looks pretty good and has a bit of growl to it, heavy as Hades as well. Might want to look into the cans from a large displacement 4-1 system like an Akropovic or Micron. Might be tough to find one for the left side of the bike though.


I just fitted my Blackbird with a pair of Yoshimura RS-3 slipons and the left side one looks like it would work with a Beemer. Pretty quiet pipes on the 'bird but would be a bit louder on a big twin. BTW, same size baffle in the twin cans as in the single so a left side from one of the UJM 4's might work.

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In reference to Ed's suggestions of using mufflers off other bikes, it's not so easy on the 1200 as it was on the 1100 or 1150. The stock r1200rt muffler and connector pipe are one piece. The connector pipe curves back to the cat converter where it attaches, and also has a tab on it that stops the center stand. I have some old mufflers from other bikes that I was thinking about trying out on the r1200rt, but I need to get a specially made connector pipe and have them weld a center stand stop on it too. You could probably cut the bmw muffler off their connector and use an adapter to mount whatever you like, but that's a pretty permanent solution.


Remus slip-ons require also purchasing their connector pipe, which I assume fills that role. You could probably use the remus connector with several different cans, although you would have to fabricate some sort of mounting bracket to fit the RT. Of course, at that point you are probably better off just buying theirs.

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I do like the way that one looks. It's listed (finally someone noticed that they use the same parts) as compatible with the ST as well.


Nice, thanks for the heads up.

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Actually, now that I think about it, the cat and muffler on the 1100 and 1150 was one piece too. I had a two brothers cat eliminator pipe on mine. It was easy to attach different mufflers to that.


I guess you need a connector pipe no matter what.

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I'm wanting something strictly aftermarket, bolt-on, made/advertised for 1200RT ...not interested in fabbing anything myself. Seems like aftermarket options are limited for 1200RT to Remus, ZTechnik, LeoVince and perhaps Acrapovic. Perhaps there are others I am not aware of?

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I have a Leo Vince on my ST. Came with adaptor and was a snap to install. Later, I added a Staintune header/collector. They mated fine. As far as sound goes..I don't get positive or negative comments. Louder, deeper, but not obnoxious. This combo cost a LOT less than Remus full and I doubt there is really any performance difference. Steve C NJ

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