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I test rode a 05 LT on Saturday that had a Cee Bailey's windscreen on it that was too high for me. I have only just begun to research BMW's and the aftermarket vendors that supply do-dads for these bikes and it seems that CB has a pretty high reputation. From my own experience, I don't like to look through the windscreen because I always have trouble when the temperatures drop or it rains and I can't see through the screen or manage to clear it safely while driving.


Here's my question: How tough is it to change windscreens?


The first thing another customer at the dealership suggested was to cut it off and refinish the new edge, but I believe that would take some better tools than I have available. It would seem silly to buy a tool for one job, but I would consider it if that would be the best solution.


What is your opinion?

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You can also look for a used stock BMW screen which is a low euro cut. There are a few out there in mostly brand new condition that are just sitting in a garage 'cause the owner changed to a CB or Aeroflow and will sell it at a good discount.

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The BMW Euro cut is good advice. I'm 5'9 and it's the only one I can see over the top of. It gives nice air when down and good protection when up.


If you can't find one Google Lexan for your town, anyone that works with it will have the proper equipment to cut yours down.


Getting it on and off is pretty easy but putting the plastic covers back on takes a little thinking.

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I like that idea of second hand stock. It would probably work for me, since I am 6'4" and this taller one is giving me trouble. Thanks for that advice.

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