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Ouray II Check In


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Just got back in. Left ABQ late this morning and had a blast. This was one of the best weekends I have had .....EVER. Even if I did get kicked out of the Ouray Jeep Club. grin.gif At least I got the girl....


Tale and lots of Pics too follow in the next day or so....


Kaisr thumbsup.gif

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Tell Whip while he was having fun I was getting my butt kicked and spraying myself with pepper spray..His deputy position is definately in jeopardy here. grin.gif

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Got back Sunday PM. 108 in Tucson but the Silver Eagle cooling vest did real well. It would last about two hours maybe a little more. Lots of animals in the road in northern AZ around Kinly and Round Rock. Saw several wrecked cars there also from animal encounters. Unfortunately the two folks I shared a condo with (Ken and Mike) both got the flue while there so only got one day of riding each. I didn't realize that Ouray II was a "jeep" weekend and so I just rode my bike. I did the Crested Butte and Black Canyon on one day and the long (400 miles) Durango, Pagosa Springs, Creed, Lake City, Blue Mesa loop the second day. Truely a great ride. Forgot my camera so this is it.



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Home. Left Ouray at 8:38 am MST (9:38 MDT for you purists), and arrive home at 5:38 pm MST. 8 hours 45 minutes without pushing too hard most of the way. Didn't get uncomfortably hot until about 45 minutes from home when the temp climbed to 107 degrees. A far cry from the 73 degrees on the way down The Million Dollar Highway this morning.


This was a great weekend. Very laid back. We rode a couple of days, and jeeped up into the mountains one day. Lots of good food, good Scotch, and great company. (Some good cigars were there, too, but just didn't get the chance to smoke them.) It was so much fun I stayed an extra day, and the Whips and Killer still haven't left.


This one was even better than Ouray I, and those of us in the know know how good that one was (but I'm sworn to secrecy). Can't wait until Ouray III. I'll try to write, or add to someone else's, ride tale soon. I'm just too worn out now. thumbsup.gif

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Just got in after a great ride home, County Road G is is a nice shortcut from Cortez west. Fab time at O2 (The Oxidant), can't wait for O3 (In The Ozone), JohnLT that was a jeep shot! Whip, Louise and I rented another Jeep on Monday just to show you how much fun it was. Whip called to say it was absurdly hot south of Cortez and they were going to stop in Rui for the night.

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Welcome home. Is County Road G paved? I know you were getting pretty used to the dirt this weekend. thumbsup.gif
Paved all the way, a little bumpy at the Cortez end but otherwise great. It's the airport road which makes it easy to find south of Cortez. Absolutely no services of course.
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I have taken that road in the past and it rocks. Some of the houses just outside of Cortez are great. Glad you got home safe amigo



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Just got home.


Ouray II was great.


Can't wait for Ouray III.


What happen to the cigars?????????????


It was great spending time with Killer, Tom, and Philly. Too bad there wasn't enough room on the jeep for John_LT.


Special thanks to Killer for the great off road limo service......not to be missed in Ouray III. (reserve your seat now!)


BTW......it was raining in Kerrville.........and only in Kerrville. lmao.giflmao.giflmao.gif


Pix in a couple days.




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Glad you guys (and one lady) got home safe and sound.! It was great being able to spend a little time with you all. As for J and I (and Allie) we poked around Ouray for a few more days and eventually lit out for Grand Junction CO and then home.


Can't wait for Ouray III. Howard and AZKaiser will be setting it up. I'm fulfilling the position of executive director, emeritus. lmao.gif



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