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HID and fog lights


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I am in the middle of tearing into the GSA and adding all things farkle. grin.gifgrin.gif


I am exploring my lighting situation and am looking to the collective for your opinions on my lighting option.


I have pretty muched decided to add the Touratech lighting but am not sure which way to go:


2 HID's


2 Fog


1 HID and 1 Fog (If this then fog/HID on the left or right.)


I can either run them switched from a dedicated switch or off of a signal wire.


What issues do you suppose I may have running the HID all the time or should I limit this one to the high beam only?


Fog will be running all the time, I am sure so should I just let this be signal wire controlled or switch controlled.


Very subjective but I want to put it out to the collective as I don't want to burn any retinas as I come up either head on with or behind others.


What say you??


As always, thanks for your input! wave.gifwave.gif

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I've got those same lights (different bracket) on my 12GS, and have had for several years now. If you want to see pictures of install, how I mounted, and what they look like at night, let me know.


In brief...


1) They really must be switched. They're so powerful that you want full control over them. I employed an unused Motolight switch and affixed it to the inside of my left handguard, where I can reach it with one finger and never take my hand off the clutch.


2) They are a wonderful tool, and I've used them extensively. Like helping Mark Davis do his Ironbutt on the Blue Ridge, riding at 4:00a with deer everywhere. Or when we were late crossing the Mexican border and still had to make it to Creel on backroads at night in a country where you're pretty much a damn fool to ride a motorcycle at night. tongue.gif Or riding in heavy downpours and increasing your chance of cutting through the mess.


3) I think one of them is probably enough.

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Slight hijack


Rags: what kind of brackets are you using on the RS? I've ruined 2 sets of lights from vibration that were mounted to the Wunderlich engine bars on my wife's RS.


end slight hijack


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What about Fog pattern HID?
The temperature of HID's (white/blue light) is too hot (high) to be effective in a fog light application. The ideal fog light is amber or a low temperature halogen.
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I'm happy with my setup... Trailtech HIDs (driving pattern) on top & PIAA fogs down under..

Rags, how do you like your Trailtech's? Have you had 'em long?
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Thanks for the feedback!!! Especially David's insight.


I have decided to go with one fog (right side) and one HID (left side) from Touratech. Overkill??? Absolutely, but one can never have enough candlepower or redundancy, can they?? That and it is really hard to appreciate any light after having the R12ST light your way!


The lights will be switch controlled. My GSA does not have any aux. lighting nor does it have ABS so I ended up getting the BMW switch block and switches that mount to the center of the triple. One switch for the HID and another for the fog.


Due to the lack of ABS, there is no ABS control module so I have this HUGE friggin' gap below the tank, in front of the airbox, and behind the alternator.


I am making an aluminum mount plate to which I will mount the Blue Sea fuse block, communication device, and relays, etc. for fitment in this location.


My wife called and told me the lights arrived today so once I get home it is install time!


More to follow but thanks for your input on this part of the farkle project! thumbsup.gifwave.gifthumbsup.gifwave.gif

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