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Home, and this time, for good.


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It took a couple of tries, but I managed to connect with his doctor this morning. Yesterday I missed him by about 15 minutes. Today, I went to the hospital at 6:00am and was able to be there when he checked in on Cameron. I wanted to hear, first hand, what instructions were given and about the follow-up treatment. He's going to be cast-bound for about 2 weeks, then move to a removable brace, of sorts. His cast goes above the knee which makes it a little more difficult to maneuver around, since his leg is almost straight. The physical therapist showed him how to use crutches (he's not quite strong enough to safely use them yet) and a walker (much better).


After what seemed like forever, they discharged him and we headed home. At least for now, he needs more help getting from room to room due to the cast and his use of the wheel chair. As he gets stronger, he'll be using the walker more and then the crutches. Next week he'll get his physical therapy assignment, and they will cut away the cast in the incision areas to make sure they are healing properly, so that will be interesting. It would be nice if he does his therapy at the same place I have mine so we can both benefit from the time. I have yet to return to the remaining half of my prescribed sessions and definitely feel it at times.


Pain control is a priority as we have been told it hinders healing. This time the doctor gave him a higher dose of Vicodin, and this time it's working. They have encouraged him to move about the house, but to listen to his body and not overdo it (easy for them to say). With fewer doctor visits and excursions out of the house, his healing should be easier on both of us, than his wait for the surgery.


His brief time in the hospital went by very quickly, in a way, too quickly. There wasn't time to rest and I barely made a dent in the chaos left over from the first weeks back. I had hoped to gain some sort of control over the situation, but realized there really isn't anything about this that I can control. I can make recommendations and help here and there, but It's all up to his body doing its thing and it will do it at its own pace.


I think that's one of the things that scared me the most through the whole ordeal - a total lack of control over my situation. I couldn't "fix" anything, all I could do was listen to reports on his condition and wait. I felt helpless, like having the floor drop out from under you with little to hold on to. The focus was on surviving and "being there" for him. Now, we are in the "exit" part of the tunnel and everything is getting brighter. The past is like one long nightmare and memories of it run together like one foggy mass, punctuated by intense emotions.


I'm most likely not going to be posting about his situation as much as I have been. He's coherent and, despite the pain meds., is in good enough condition to start telling his story. As things develop, I'll keep you posted. thumbsup.gif

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Wonderful news! Patti, if you end up passing the keyboard to Cameron, let me be the first to thank you for sharing so much of this with us, the fears, the waypoints, the progress. You've been great and I, for one, thank you.


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My wife broke her hip 3 years ago at a rally. After many bad adventures of Pain drugs....nasty things, and the usual complications like nerve damage subsequent femur failure, repair plate failure and the like she can walk fairly well.

However she has yet to try to get back in the sidecar. So we go to rallies in the car and enjoy the heck out it.

Your hubby is younger and stronger and will heal much more better. Never give up and don't mind the bed pans...been there done that!

You have my greatest sympathy and good wishes.

All your friends with think you are a saint!

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Good news, Patti. thumbsup.gif I hope your load continues to lighten.


.... if you end up passing the keyboard to Cameron,....


I think you should get your own Id. You know too many people here now not to. smile.gif Keep in touch.

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Very good news. thumbsup.gif


Your courage in sharing your ordeal with all of us has been appreciated. Wishing you both a continued speedy recovery.


We will continue to keep you in our prayers as the healing takes place.

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Hey everybody...BMWeerman himself here. Home at last last with as cast from my toes to my a..


I can't thank everybody enough for supporting Patti through this crisis. I am still down for the count physically, but my mind is back. I just posted a bunch of stuff in motorcycle talk...some pix and video from before the crash.


Thanks again everybody! And that doesn't really say it.

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Stan Walker

I know I do


Be sure to let Patti know it....... She has been great!


I would guess that you are way behind in the "do some thing nice" column by now.



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Great to hear that you're b-a-a-a-a-ck!


Now finish healing and start riding! (Soon as the doc says so)

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