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The best of PNW June

Urban Surfer

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Urban Surfer

What a Hoot!

That was the last comment of a great trip with a bunch of great people, most of who never met or even spoke to each other before.

We covered over 2000 kilometers of mountains, lakes and rivers, on some of the most twisty roads you will find any where.

We found great places to eat and party!

Every one got home safe with a big smile, and memories that will last.


Thanks to those who attended


Ron, Scott, Ben, Dennis, Tim & Holly, Pete, Peter, Bill & Kim, Joe, Cathy, & My self.


Picturs to follow.


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Yeah...not to mention the added bonus of treacherous bike-eating ferryboat waiting areas, missing axle nuts, rain soaked roads and slippery wooden bridges...I wouldn't have missed it for the world...a fantastic ride amplified by some super people and incredible roads and scenery. Thanks for working so hard to put this ride together, Malcolm. clap.gifclap.gifclap.gif

It was a pleasure to ride with every person on this trip. (So where are we going next?)


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Yeah,+1 on thank yous to Malcolm. It took a bit to pull that off, when I saw you on Sunday morning I could see you were hurting. Glad to hear everyone had a good time and that everyone made it home safe. Pictures?

Cheers and thanks


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+1 for us as well. First time we have ridden with a large group and we couldn't of had more fun. It was a real pleasure to ride and hang out with such a great group of people.

Let's do the Baja next. grin.gif

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Sorry, I posted and put up some pictures in the old thread. Must have been late at night. You'll note I got the dam name wrong.



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