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R1150RT vs. R1150GS Adventure freeway riding


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Is R1150GS adventure as stable as the R1150RT on the freeway? I can't find any aerodynamic lines on the GS. I am talking about when some big SUV are tailgating you in the carpool lane. You want to go 90mph+ in a hurry.

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Yes, I want to know also....

I rode a GS recently and was VERY impressed, but assume it was partly due to the reduced weight...

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I would have to say marginally no. The faring RT is rock solid IMHO, the GS a bit less so. The bike has a different 'mission.'

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As Ken noted they are intended for different purposes and I wouldn't expect them to be equal in terms of high-speed stability, and they're not (especially at 90+ mph.) But the GS is good nonetheless and not so much inferior to the RT that if you need the GS's capabilities you would find it a poor choice for highway riding. And if you're off-highway then of course the tables turn in a big way in the GS's favor. If you're planning on mixed on and off-road riding get the GS, it will still be just fine on the highway. If you're going to be spending a significant amount of time outrunning SUVs at 90 mph then I'd go for the RT (although at low speeds it steers like a truck compared to the GS.)


Or check out a dealer in your area... shouldn't be too hard to find one with a used 1150 RT and GS that you can ride and compare.

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I rode one for about 70K miles worth.

No, it is no where near as stable as an RT. Luggage and loading have a lot to do with this. I had Jesse bags on mine and 105 was about it, in particular if I had anything strapped to the back seat or the luggage rack. It didn't do anything horrible mind you but around there it would start a low frequency weave. Out of curiosity, I ran it up past that one day and, while the frequency did not increase, the amplitude did!! Ran out of testicles at 120 indicated.


Had the 50 liter top box on it as well one day, while heading east on I-70 through MO. Running about 85 or so and some truck turbulence coupled with a rapid lane change put the bike into a pretty severe wobble. 50 liter trunk is now storing my collection of battery chargers.

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