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PTT button


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I am amazed at how ugly PTT buttons are. Has anyone found a small waterproof pressbutton that might be fitted in the BMW switch housings? There seems to be a blank in the left hand housing of my 2001 K120RS (anyone know what it was used for?) and as long as the swich is not too deep would be the ideal place to use.


Your knowledge would be appreciated as I dont like the normal cable-tied swich. Regards Dave.

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Thank you for taking time to reply, I believe you have solved my problem. The blank on the left switch housing has a blank, in the pictures you linked to was a switch I assume is the electric screen that is not fitted to my bike and could be used as a PTT button. Just got to source a switch. Thanks again, Dave.

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John Bentall

Dave, you're very welocome. You will find that the K1200GT version of your RS had an electrically adjustable screen, and that might be a good starting point to find a matching switch.

I can sort of understand how an ugly PTT switch would spoil the classic lines of the KRS.

If you resolve your issue, perhaps you will oblige us by posting some pics.

Good Luck!

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