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Changing out connectors


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Our Starcom1's came with 6 pin headset connectors:




We've been on maybe 400 to 500 miles of riding with the units and then the pins got all messed up, and I couldn't connect the headset to the unit. Fixed it when I got home, but the reliability of this connector type seems to be very poor based on this experience.


Any advice on changing the connectors out? Choice of type to use? Instructions to install? Special tools needed? Where to get them?





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Hate to say this but that is a case of RR (repair or replace) operator.


Only way the pins get hosed like that is if you are pushing in on the connector too hard while twisting it to hit the mating pattern.


You can get some connectors from Amphenol that key externally instead of internally like those do but you will have trouble mounting them on the box so a pig tail would be in order. Problem is, they are bulky.


Here is a little trick, cables are probably black, right? Assemble the connector in its proper orientation, run a strip of white tape or a light colored line from some permanent marker, cover with clear tape. This way you will have a visual clue as to proper alignment.

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FWIW, I lightly put my connectors together, then turn until I feel the detent, then push them together. I've never had any problems with bent pins.

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Perfect example of why Autocom puts the raised ridge on the outside of their connectors. Line up the ridges and Presto! the connectors line up.

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Starcom puts alignment marks on the outside, and I'm no brute. But I gather you are all saying that you also have pin type connectors and they work well.





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I tend to agree with the comments already here, but if the connectors are borked already (like the pins snap off when straightened) or you just want to replace them I've always been partial to Neutrik connectors.


If you could use a hand with the soldering, I would be happy to help. Can't tell if these connectors have screw terminals inside or if they're soldered on.


You don't need to worry about what the wires in your connectors do as long as you pin out both Neutriks the same.


I'm not familiar with your intercom, but if the plugs at the intercom box are mounted on it rather than on pigtails (like Autocoms) then you'll need to add a pigtail (and a strain relief) at the box. Surely a warranty killer just opening the box if that's an issue for you.


The connectors are on this page: http://www.fullcompass.com/category/4-to-7-Pin-XLR-Cable-Connectors.html


I have no affiliation w/ this company.


Neutrik NC6FX

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If you don't want pigtails on the intercom box, just use a chassis mount receptacle -you're going to have to figure out what there's room for. Look here:



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