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Zumo the Ticket Stopper


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Warning: Don't read this if you don't have a sense of humor, because I just don't feel like having someone bust my balls over this .

Preface: I took my Zumo with me on a recent flight and watched the airspeed change, took some screen shots, then put it away, but never reset it.


So I rode the US 12 from Lewiston, ID to Lolo, MT the night before, and met with an old friend I hadn't seen in several years. The next morning I changed out my rear tire, then went back to Lewiston to get my little park stamps, and visit a new friend I just made. Next morning I got up as was on my way to Wisdom, MT to the Big Hole NB. The road up 12 was awesome, again, and I made excellent time.


As I mentioned in a different post I lost my speedo/odo/ABS in Idaho, and was relying on my GPS and V1 to keep me out of trouble. Cops EVERYWHERE on southbound US-93, I must have passed twenty on that little stretch of road. Close to my exit to Montana Hwy 43 I see the squad car profile coming over the hill in the oncoming lane, V1 doesn't go off, but I scrub a little speed. Sure enough, I'm going 74 in a 65 when I get blasted with the instant-on.


I pulled to the side of the road at the next turnoff, pull my helmet and get my docs out, ready for Officer Friendly to walk up. He asks me for the docs and asks me if I know how fast I was going.

"Sir, I really don't know. I'm on my way back from riding Alaska, and to tell the truth the roads kinda beat my bike up. I've got no speedo/odo or ABS, and I think my rear drive is trying to fail. But what really hacks me off is that my GPS is acting stupid too, so I haven't been able to rely on it to give me an accurate speed. See?"


Jeez, he said, that's peculiar. Alright, you weren't going that fast, so just try to tone it down.

And let me go.

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Man thats just a classic! Quick thinking... thumbsup.gif


I hope you don't mind, but I forwarded that story to some friends that are not on this board.



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Too Cool clap.gifclap.gifclap.gif ,And by the way, Lolo pass has to be one of the greatest in the West. I remember the caution sign, next 118 miles of winding roads!!! Fly like an eagle wave.gif

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.........74 in a 65 MPH zone?....I thought they were a little open minded up there in Big Sky country..Looks like not much tolerance tongue.gif......We'll be riding up there in a little over a week so I'm curious confused.gif



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Fantastic quick thinking! thumbsup.gif I would take my GPS on my next plane ride except that it is in many pieces on 495 outside D.C. When the manual says not for motorcycle use...they mean it!

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Of course, the last time I used my GPS on 495 it kept wanting to route me down ramps closed for construction, etc, to the point that I wanted to leave it "in many pieces" as well!

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