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Integral brake bleed with "powered vacuum bleeder"...


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I read the procedude to bleed the integral linked brake system 2001 R1150 RT. I have access to a very good motocycle mechanic equipped with a "powered vaccuum bleeder" sorry I dont know the exact terms for this piece of equipment !!!


Would we still have to take the gas tank of and bleed each individual circuit ?


Or could the system be bled from the calipers and filled from the handlebar and rear brake reservoirs. I understand that I would still have to put the ignition on to use the brake pump and servo to purge the liquid in the circuit between the swithes and the reservoirs.


Can it be done that way ? Any procedure about this ?





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You (or your mechanic) need to understand that on the R1150xx there are four independent hydraulic circuits. You can put purple brake fluid in at the handlebar reservoir and bleed all day long and you will never see purple at the caliper. All you will do is run the system dry.


You still have to pull the tank to reach the control circuits' bleed points and the wheel circuits' reservoirs.


BMW specifically recommends against using any type of vacuum bleeder to avoid the potential to do servo damage, and personally I don't like them. To much of a chance of drawing foreign material into the system. But I do know that some people use them anyway.

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Well I typed out a reply here but when I went to post it, it pretty well mirrored Kens response so about all I can say is I agree totally with Ken..



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