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High setting on heated grips makes throttle stick . . .


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I had similar issues when using the throttlmeister than came on my RT-P. I took a small brass washer and pounded it flatter than it already was to provide a little more spacing between the Throttle Meister (or the bar end if you do not have a TM).

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You have to partially dismantle the right switch gear but, underneath the cover (bottom side) is a socket head cap screw. As I recall it is 6mm so a 4mm hex wrench. Loosen screw, slide entire assembly inboard just a bit. Tighten screw and, as they say across the pond, Bob's your uncle.


The jamming is caused by the high rate of thermal expansion of the throttle sleeve. It gets longer as it gets hotter and pushes against the bar end weight and jams things up internally. By moving it just a little further away from the weight, the problem is solved.

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Thanks tech God, er. . . tech Mod (in your case the same thing no?)

The legend continues to deliver clap.gif

cheers, beno

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