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Lee Parks Total Control ARC-- Excellent


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This is a great course if you want to take your cornering skills to the next level. This was true for aging street riders, like myself, with a few years of experience as well as for race-ready 20 somethings. All were represented in the class. The course follows his book, TOTAL CONTROL fairly closely. Parks is an entertaining speaker who makes his points with simple exercises that stick. For example, signing your name while relaxed and then with all your arms muscles as tight as possible demonstrates the lose of control when tense. I am now very conscious of tensing up at the times I need to relax and have the most control. Having your bike leaned over in riding position (while held by several classmates) gave a realistic feel of lean angle for the next exercise in which you really were leaned over, and hanging off to the degree you were comfortable. I scraped something for the first time. It nearly caused autonomic release but it brought cheers at a technique well done by the instructor. Had that happened before this class I would likely have panicked rather than countersteer the bike up a few inches.

I took the course in Poughkeepsie, NY at Christine's Kick-start school with Lee Parks as the guest instructor. Christine is an excellent instructor as well and the last few riding exercises were of her design. I hesitate to recommend spending $300 for a day's instruction but my opinion seemed to shared by all who took the class. The instructors obviously have fun teaching the class and seem truly excited at student improvement over the course of the day.

Lastly, I have no affiliation with either Parks or Christine. Just a very satisfied customer.


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Thanks for the summary of the Total Control session. I am considering it and didn't know anyone who had been through the course. I'd like to build more confidence in cornerning and it sounds like a good session for doing so. wave.gif

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I'd recommend that you try to sign up for a class that Lee is teaching. His philosophy is a big part of the course.

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Lee rocks! I work with him on his product line of Bamboo clothing (great wicking stuff!). Check it out when you take the course or if anyone is going to Moto GP see him their.

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