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Anyone get their Hyperpros instaled yet?

Mike T

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My new Hyperpros came in last week and I haven't had a chance to install them yet. I was wondering if others have them installed and how they like them?

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I installed my wife's HyperPros on her '07 RT a couple of weeks ago. Pretty straight forward procedure.


The hardest part was removing the lower mounting bolt, both front and back. Heat helps a bit.


She loves them. Better ride, firmer but supple. Of course a little lower also.


I took it out and while I'm about 70 lbs heavier than my lovely current wife, the bike was still stable when I was having fun on it.


Two thumbs up here.

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Still haven't received them, supposedly they will arrive this week at Klaus's and he will send them down. They had to do a test fit on an R1150RS in Germany as they had not done one before and I pointed out the front shock is different than the 1150RT and it needs to be right.

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