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Just TUNES... for r1200rt


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I have an '05 r12rt with radio prep kit only. I would like to listen to ipod, xm and possibly cd with fairing mounted speakers, but I am reluctant to go with the BMW factory deck. Can I do this another way and have the option of using earbuds for higher speeds? I know this question is similar to previous topics, but I am looking for tunes only... no passenger, bike2bike, GPS radar etc..

Thank You.

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Well I have 2 seasons and 20,000kms on my '05RT using the Garmin 376c for directional assistance, weather avoidance, and TUNES. Must say I am very happy with the unit.


All audio goes thru the Autocom Active 7 and using a Autocom adapter (part # ?) I can plug in my Big Ear custom ear plugs with excellent fidelity sound. Also my cell phone plugs in and rests in the fairing pocket, so I can at least respond to a panic call from work if they need to reach me while I am on 'standby' duty and sneaking in a ride...


My wife and I communicate, (still after 20+ yrs thumbsup.gif), using the same Autocom and if I want to I can plug in the Kenwood FRS for bike to bike, ( rare ).


It is a nice clean installation with not a lot of things to worry about when parked outside the resturant, etc.


You do however have to like XM, since its the only choice on Garmin products bncry.gif. I would prefer Sirius for the Canadian content but 'Top Tracks' has my attention most of the time anyway lurker.gif.


The weather portion provided some major weather avoidance during the Dallas to Diliuth leg a few weeks ago. Boy the midwest really got flooded there for a month or so... eek.gif.


Anyway here is a pic of the installation...


Click to enlarge.




Jim W.

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John Bentall

Scenario 1) Short, low speed trip & don't want to wear earbud speakers.

Autocom Easi-Plus system (Kit 150) , battery powered.

Put iPod/CD/XM and Autocom in jacket pocket or suitable tankbag and connect to headset. You listen through helmet headset , not fairing speakers and get much, much better sound quality. This is a much simpler solution that messing aroung with BMW or aftermarket decks simply because you don't need to strip the bike down to instal the head unit.

Scenario 2) Longer, high-speed trip with earbud speakers.

Order Autocom part #1188 and plug earbud speakers into this.

This whole sytem is upgradable should you decide to add other options later.

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if your looking at using your dash speakers for low speeds and then switching to earbuds for high speeds look at the MH products. us an external amp for the speakers in the dash and at higher speeds just connect ear buds to your ipod directly. here is a link to MH instruments website. ive been toying with the idea myself just havent gotten around to it.



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