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Changed Blown Headlight Bulb on R12RT -- &#*@%^$**!


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One of my headlight bulbs blew this weekend when I was out of town (bike has 33,000 kms -- about 20,500 miles). It took me a few minutes to figure out what that strange icon was on the display -- it looked like an exploding bomb, with an arrow pointing forward. Wouldn't you know that of the three bulbs it would be the right bulb, the one which everyone here has said is a real pain in the proverbial a** to change. They were right.


Since I had two spare bulbs on the bike, I decided I'd change the other low beam (left side) first as a practice run. I'd say it was well worth the trouble, before tackling the right side. I have relatively small hands, but I still got scratched, and gouged. One thing I learned is that when I was trying to unfasten the spring clip initially, I was applying too much pressure; it comes away more easily with a more gentle hand. The trouble with the right side is that there's less room to wiggle around, so every step is more difficult. You definitely need a little patience for this job, but if I can do it, anyone can. That said, I wouldn't want to be doing this on the side of the road (I did it just outside my garage at home).


Now that I've changed both low beams, I should be all set for our cross-continent ride that begins in three weeks.

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I successfully changed my blown bulb whilst I was on holiday last year in Holland, took about an hour, only to find out I had done the wrong one dopeslap.gif

had to start again


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LOL, my GS low-beam bulb took exactly 3 minutes to change out.


Then I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out why the new bulb didn't work and why the fault wouldn't clear itself. Reason: you actually have to start the bike, it won't clear the fault when the key is only turned to the first position (electrics on).



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On the RT, the headlights will not go on until you have started the bike. Only the small "parking" lights go on with the key in the "on" position.

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I changed my right low beam bulb last night. Took maybe 10 minutes. Removed the right side panel with R1200RT on it , 4 screws.

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Hey dude, I've had to change out both sides about three times each, so I'm getting good at it.

1 - I also learned to carry at least two or three spares with me if I'm on an extended road trip. On my first long trip I stopped at maybe four po-dunk parts stores before I found one with the right size. That cost me at least two hours riding.

2 - Dunno why, but it seems that mine always go out when it's dark or raining, or when dark AND raining.

3 - My hands are big, and the right side is more difficult than the left, but it should take no more than about ten minutes. What I was doing wrong the first time was that I failing to make the tension clamp hook up (primarily because I couldn't see it). Putting the bike on the center stand was a big help because then I could move the bars around at will.

4 - You're probably doing this in a parts store parking lot, and inevitably that'll attract the attention of someone who wants to stand at your elbow and ask you questions about your bike/trip/funny suit/what's that sticker mean, etc. To combat this, as soon as you see someone from the corner of your eye start swearing. Make it almost incoherent, and you'll be better off - trust me, I've got experience. Nothing drives off folks faster than some grimy sweaty dude who's leaned on his side (yet staring out into space in front of and a little above the bike) with one hand done in it's innards and audibly saying, GAWDAMSUMBITSUCKA..... (brief pause) ... MUTHAAAA.....ASHUH!!!!

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I am with you all on this one. I have just had a week touring Scotland, and both my dipped beam bulbs blew. One went, so I was not too bothered, as I had the other one, then that one blew, two days later. (DOH) That is a total of 4 H7 bulbs in the last two years, and they are pain in the arse to change, whilst out on the road

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