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NC to VT via Fayetteville WV


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My nephew was graduating high school in Vermont on June 16, 2007 so I decided to take the bike up for the event. When planning a route, I had 3 days available to travel there and would then have only one day for the drive home.


Since I will be unable to attend the Un-Rally this year I thought I would swing out that way and at least check out the area? I just wanted some personal reference when all the great ride tales are posted during and after the big event. Oh and yes, I wanted to hit some great roads instead of just slabbing the trip both ways.


The overall trip was 2296 miles. The only negative part of the trip……got a flat rear tire. My brand new ME880 rear (with less than 200 miles when I started) was punctured from some type of road debris. Thanks to this board, I knew the OEM BMW plug kit supplied with the bike is useless so I was prepared. I made it to a safe place, plugged the tire and re-inflated it to specs. It got me home and the replacement tire is on the way.


I ran in and out of thunderstorms and rain. I stopped when I could between showers and rest stops to snap a few photos.


Here is the bike ready to go from Eastern NC.



Scenic overlook after just passing the Eastern Continental Divide



The balance of the first day was spent carving up some twisty roads until I ended up at my stopping point for the night, Fayetteville WV, the site of the 2007 Un-Rally.


The weather was cooperating so I thought I would snap a series of pictures for the folks planning to attend.


Hotel of the Un-Rally





Bike in front of room, some remodeling of the place is being done.



Pool area



Sunoco Station located near the Un-Rally site. The view is from behind the station looking across the intersection toward the campground site. Note, there are no credit card readers at the pumps. You have to go inside the station to pay for gas.



Restaurant at the campground





Parking lot view



Some cabins at the site





Campground office





From parking lot looking toward/into camp site area. Lots of trees and shade.



Just north of the Un-Rally site is the New River Gorge Bridge. It was fogged over so bad you couldn’t see a thing. I watched the vehicles disappear from sight as they crossed over. I will have to wait for another time to see its beauty.



Some scenic overlook shots north of the area









More wet (and cold) weather ahead. I saw plenty of deer but no bear.



Pennsylvania overlooks





From there, it was on to New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, up to south central Vermont. While many of these areas are quite beautiful I did not stop to take photos. I guess I am so familiar with them I just don’t think about photographing them anymore. It is a shame really.


The graduation was a success and college will await my nephew this fall.


I left southern Vermont at 5:00am and rolled into home exactly 16 hours later, all slab, hot and humid.


Enjoy the Un-Rally! The roads are fantastic.

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Nice scouting mission! I'm going to enjoy looking at those vistas in person.


Three months and counting.... grin.gif

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