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CB Radio and Autocom Super Pro AVI


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Hi All,

Is anyone using a CB to talk to Harley Rider's dopeslap.gif.


We are planning a ride in the not so distant future and my father-in-law rides a harley. I just got a Autocom Super Pro AVi and I know they suggest using FRS/GMRS but I WANT CB.


Anyone have it working well and if so what radio/antenna are you using.





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I use a Cobra 38 WXST. It is the one that is recommended. I still have to mess around with cable routing to get it to transmit clearly without "squealing". No getting around it, they are problematic with Autocom but can be made to work ok.

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Thanks, alot for your help, I just ordered all the parts for a 38WXST and order the 38WXST on ebay from 50 bucks.


Anyone mounted a firestick on a R1150rt in a unique fashion.



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I used the "rubber ducky" and I believe it really limits the range. Its ok for B to B but talking with someone going the opposite direction is problematic because you go out of range too quickly. I may try a firestick to see if it helps. If you get one set up, let us know how it works.

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