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1150RT Top Case Rack Options?


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My youngest daughter has asked me to take her camping on the motorcycle this summer and I'm looking for different ways to store my camping gear so she can have the pillion seat. Normally, I put the tent, sleeping bag and pad, kermit chair on the back seat. These will need a new home.




My first thought was to rig up a set of bungie buddies on the top case and put these items under a cargo net. I'm concerned about how secure things would be.


Then I saw this and was wondering if anyone has used it as an option. Looks like a small base so I'm not sure how practical it is.




Here is the link: BMR Products 1150RT Top Case Rack



Any thoughts on these two options or can someone offer a third solution to the top case?



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The top rack looks cool but I don't know if I'd feel comfortable with the added high weight. I kind of like some tour bags I saw another user post a couple of weeks back that mount on the side cases. The added height here might also make your little princess feel a little more secure. Your call. Whatever you decide, sounds like a real treat! Enjoy smile.gif

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Weight limit for the top case is about 11 lbs., so I wouldn't add a rack on top.


I have found that I can actually pack more gear for camping with the topcase off, and the tent and sleeping pad strapped to the rear rack would not make a bad passenger backrest.


You can get a more substantial rear rack from BestRest or other vendors, or you could buy the GIVI topcase which holds a lot more stuff than the stock luggage.


Aerostitch sells some nylon loops (or you could make your own) that will hook onto the rear subframe under the seat and the small gold-tone metal hooks under the pillion. You can use those as the inboard connection and the bungie-buddies outboard to strap tent and sleeping pad to the top of your sidecases. Just be careful not to open the sidecases in the middle of the day, because this setup wants to pull the sidecase up and off the mounting hooks.

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For last year's BMW rally in Vermont, I did something similar to the original poster's idea. We kept the topcase on for my wife's confort.


I used a cargo net across the top case.


I bungied the gear over the side cases but under the top cases. It was very secure and easy to remove because I bungied together subassemblies that only took a few hours to complete. smile.gif


The gear included the tent, 2 sleepingbags, 2 bedrolls and 2 folding chairs.


Bungy cord... It's the new duct tape.


It was overloaded from a weight (handling) stand point. Not fun to drive.


It rendered the mirrors competely useless.


I will not repeat this.


We UPS'ed all the gear home from the ralley.


But you asked, so here are some pics... My wife was very comfortable as we almost killed ourselves...



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Yeeha! Stephen

I replaced my box with a "Top of the Line" rack. Then mated it to a RCU backrest.

Looked for a link on the Net, but couldn't find one. Maybe they've gone under?




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When we go two up for more than one day and carrying capacity needs to be expanded, I use a BMW waterproof duffle strapped to the top of the top case. Aware of the weght limit of the top case, I run the straps under and around the framing under the case so that the case is really only a spacer. high weight is an issue so I try to keep heavy items in the side cases.



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Just checked this thread, didn't know it was camping related.

Do NOT resort to bungee madness. Bungee failure could result in an accident.

There are too many options that keep gear secured inside of a bag to do so.


3 person tent


ground cloth

2 sleeping bags

2 inflatable air matresses (camping, not pool)

battery powered air pump

2 microfleece blankets

2 silk sheet cocoons, great for hot weather, or to add 5-10 degrees to your sleeping bag rating in cold weather

5 campsize pillows (18x20) (18x12) that fold into their liners

2 camp chairs

stove/dehydrated food for a week ( 2 meals/day) untensils/cookware, campsoap etc...

LED lantern, LED handcrank flashlight

and more, all fit in the U pack bag.

In addition, the saddle bags are still available for regular stuff, clothes, first aid, etc.

The samll bag on top had rain gear for quick access.

The bag is secured by straps that run under the seat, and to the frame, rear luggage rack. No loose gear, no loose ends, protected from the weather.

Passenger has a backrest and armrest too.

Best wishes.

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Thanks everyone for all your thoughts and options. You've changed my mind... for the better.


I've decide to go with the RevPack Ma Moo U-Pack and lose the top case for camping trips like this.


Not perfectly waterproof but RevPack is generally very good about this and I already have smaller waterproof bags that can go inside just in case.


I do like the idea of the wrap around concept as this will offer a level of security from sliding off for my youngest. I will still wear the Buddy Belt so she doesn't have to try reaching around my waist.


Should be here Wednesday, I'll write up a report when we get back.



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I like that pack, Tim. I'd need a real backrest for Nina in addition though..... she doesn't feel comfortable without it.


I wonder if I can find something around here..... time is short before we leave..... will have a look around this week, thanks for the idea ! thumbsup.gif

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Beth also prefers a "real" backrest.

But, these bags come in heights that range from 9-16 inches which provides a surprising amount of support, mentally and physically, for the passenger.

Enjoy your trip. wave.gif

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