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6,000 mile service for 2004 R1200 CL.....question


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I just picked up an 04 R1200 CL with 7,500 miles. The bike has not had the 6k service, but had the 600 mile, and an oil change at 4,000.


Am I correct to say this is just a basic oil change, valve adjustment, and just general check of things? I just got JVB's video on the 1200GS and it seems fairly simple to do.


Is it better to do it myself, or have the dealer do it for resale purposes?


Also, how do you best keep the Cruiser models upright for the service without a centerstand? Thanks.

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Jim VonBaden

IMHO do it yourself, and use a basic motorcycle jack to lift the bike and complete the service.


I have done it this way several times, and had no issues.


This is the jack I used.




The exhaust on the R1200C is strong enough to support the whole bike.


Jim cool.gif

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Do it yourself.

Motorcycle jack, or I used to use tie down straps attached to an eyebolt in the wall on one side, and a work bench on the other side for my race bikes. I loosened the drain bolts with the bike on the side stand, then stood it up and tightened the straps to let it drain. Then put it back on the side stand to torque everything back down.

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