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Bungee buddies on R1200ST bags


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Can these be installed on the bags for the R1200ST? They seem to be the same as the bags on the R1200RT. It seems that the bags would have to be disassembled in order to do it. If so, how?

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Jim VonBaden

It can be done, but it is a pain.



You have to remove all those screws, and be careful not to dislodge the locking mechanism when removing the liner.




Here is the lock.


I would prefer to use ROK straps to the frame and rear rack like this:




Jim cool.gif

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If I may humbly add. One must ALSO remove the four hinge bolts! (At least that is the case on the R1200RT) Also, all fasteners use a 20 Torx, AND note the different size & length screws when removing! (There are 3 different types of screws, not including the hinge bolts) If all this is observed, the inner lid will pull directly out without trouble.

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