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A great fear.


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Paul Mihalka

Except for the higher speed, it could happen on Deals Gap. By recognizing the words on signs, it happened in Hungary.

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Chose not to link.

It can be anywhere.

Returning from Father's Day ride today, 2 lane road, no shoulder, canopy road w/trees close enough to touch we encountered a car coming around a curve with its left front wheel over our R lane fog line!

They were probably going 55 or so in a 35 zone.

If we had been 1.8 seconds earlier we'd have been a hood ornament.

Absolutely no place to go as they continued through our lane cutting back to their side they effectively blocked the entire road.

Sheer luck that we weren't 100 feet farther down the road and could stop before being struck.

They sped off down the road.

We went home, very thankful to be able to do so.

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