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Pain Meds? What Pain Meds?


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It's getting harder to keep Cameron comfortable. It's not so much his lungs right now, but his heel and ankle on his bad leg. I'm assuming the increased pain is due to the broken plate in his ankle as it pretty much has coincided with that event. I don't know if his ribs are actually feeling better, or that his foot hurts so much that it drowns out the rib pain. Either way, when he's awake, he's miserable.


Today was Father's Day for my family, as we worked around everyone's schedules and managed to get most of the immediate clan together. This meant that I would be away from Cameron for several hours. Some friends planned on dropping by for awhile, and his brother said he and his wife would be by, as well, but I still worried. When I left, no one was with him, but he insisted that he was actually looking forward to a little alone time and that he had everything he needed within reach. So, after double checking that he could get to everything and had his next 2 doses of meds., Madeline and I left. The break was a nice change and it was good to see my brother and his family. His sons are growing up so fast-he lives in Camarillo so I don't see them often.


I dropped Madeline off at her job and got home as his brother was leaving. I managed to exchange hello's and get their take on Cameron's condition before they drove away. When I got inside, he greeted me with a smile, which quickly faded to pain, as he started to make his way over to the couch, where I had left him earlier. Helping him get situated, it was obvious he had been doing his best to mask his pain while his brother visited. He said he had slept most of the day and had stayed on the couch the entire time before then. I was afraid he would try to play host.


Wednesday can't come soon enough. It seems like the pain pills barely phase it and he is having occasional halucinations. The neurologist said he would be having these symptoms for awhile after all those nasty meds he was taking before. It seemed like it had stopped for awhile, maybe the pain is kick-starting them again. I'll call the doctor first thing Monday to see if there's anything else I can do for him until the surgery. It's going to be rough going taking care of the residual appts. that we'll have to take care of before Wed.


I'm looking forward to the surgery for more than one reason. Of course, it will take care of this constant pain and put him on the path to recovery, that's a given. But I'm also looking forward to letting someone else take care of him for a few days. It'll give me a brief chance to recharge before he comes home again. A couple of nights without worrying about him wandering around at night, or waking to give him meds. will be a welcome respite.


When he comes home, supposed to be on Friday, it all should run smoother. He will have rested his body and the pain will hopefully be more of a getting-better kind of pain, rather than the broken sort he's been living with the past month. Knowing he's on the mending side of things will help to keep attitudes positive and fuel his momentum on getting back to normal activities.


I need to back to some sort of work, once he's functioning better. School doesn't start until late August and I lost so much work with my knee and than his accident, it's going to make for a lean couple of months. Again, though, it's one day at a time, and one foot in front of the other. Everything always works out in the end, it's just that elusive patience that evades me at times and leaves me hungering for a time machine, or that ever-elusive magic wand.

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As you well know by now, Patti, you have a lot of folks here rooting for you. thumbsup.gif Enjoy your downtime while you can get it.

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I hope all goes well on Wednesday. You both could use some "easy roads" right about now ...



Chris (aka Tender Vittles )

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Mark Menard (Vita Rara)



Much luck with Wednesday. Please enjoy your time off to its fullest. Let the pros take care of things for a few days. You're about to turn a very good corner toward recovery.


Take care,



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