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Good Deed 4 The Day


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Admin. disclaimer: Not sure if this is the right forum for this.


I spent the last week riding the Smokey mountain area with my SO and son. Due to job commitments I was 2 days late for the rally at the Biltmore. frown.gif


We stopped at the highest lookout in the national park for pics etc. A group was huddled around a H-D so I stopped to see if I could help. The negative battery cable spade tip had snapped off of his battery (from vibration I guess) and the poor guy was at a total loss as to what to do to fix it. I just swapped the cable ends and stripped some rubber insulation off of the broken end and found a random frame bolt that it would reach and wrapped some of the bare wire around it and torqued her down. We fired her up and all was well. The guy was very very appreciative, even giving me a big hug (I wish his hot passenger would've hugged me instead) as it was getting dusky and he had to get back to his hotel in Gatlinburg. I told him I was glad to do it, but next time he came upon a BMW motorcycle to please wave. That got a big laugh from about 10 Harley riders. It sure felt good to be able to help someone in a bind. A 50 cent part disables a $20k machine. Hopefully what comes around goes around.

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You did good, Rinkdink. Anytime you can help, it's a good day and a good service. I'm moving to North Carolina in a month, and would love to have that kind of assistance if I needed it. It will come 'round.


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Great job. It's nice that you helped the guy out. Its also great you were prepared with tools to do the job.


<hijack> Just helped a guy on a brand new Triumph. Poor guy is broke down on a 2bit back road with no help in site. Triumph won't start. It kept stalling on him every few miles. I checked a few things and ended up loosening his gas cap. Varoom, it fired right up. Bad vent. Anyway, we followed him 25 miles back to town to make sure he didn't crap out again. thumbsup.gif

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