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Curious about Fieldsheer Adventure Jacket


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Just wanted to know if anyone has any experience with the Fieldsheer Adventure Jacket and Pants. I have of course looked at the Stitch Darian, I just can't swing the cash right now. I know the reputation of Aerostitch is great, yet when I compare the specs, the Adventure seems to be a comparable product at half the price.


I really value the feedback from this forum and hope to get some comments both good and bad. Thanks in advance.

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I have the Fieldsheer Congo mesh jacket/pants as well as a Congo Sport textile jacket.


I like the quality, it's good kit and pretty cheap. the helmet shop in Daytona used to do free shipping on orders over $100.

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Check for on-line reviews.

The ones I found said that sizing was a big problem w/the pants.

The jacket appears to have good features although I couldn't see where all the vents were in the pics.

The flip up collar looked like a positive for cold/wet riding.

I've not seen one, get one and do a review.

The price point @$260/$160 for jacket/pants is good.

However, that is comparable to the Kilimanjaro kit which has been used and reviewed here.

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