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Washington State Pushes Endorsements and Rider Safety


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I saw a television commercial last night (yes, I have to admit that I wasn't riding or reading posts on this forum) that caught my attention. It focused on rider safety courses and state endorsements. I went to the web site they referenced; turns out it's a Washington State site.


Here is the link: Endorse Your Sport


The motorcycle safety report that the state sponsored is posted in pdf format. Good data, not just a bunch of conclusions that your can't put in context. If you click on the "Riders and Drivers" picture on the main page it takes you to the video of the commercial.



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That's awesome. I'm glad to see Washington take a proactive approach. My wife is a state senator in Oregon. Of course I'm always suggesting legislation. I've been trying to get increased training requirements and public awareness campaigns initiated in Oregon. A stricter training requirement bill almost made it out of committee this session. For my efforts, and my wife's connections, I've been invited to appear before Oregon's "Governor's Advisory Committee on Motorcycle Safety" next month to present my ideas. I'll definitely use endorseyoursport.com as an example of good public relations. Thanks for the post.

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